AMA Tax Season Information:
AMA Tax ID# 46-0948550
If parents need a receipt for child care, they may create and print their own 
receipts from home.  Next, parents may drop-off the receipt (s) in the school 
mailbox for the Director's signature.  The signed receipt (s) will then be placed
inside the child's mail pocket (transparent pocket), located inside the "student 
observation" log-binder at the school lobby. ​

Parent Corner: 

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Parents have been enjoying their children development at AMA's. Read these ​parent testimonials to learn more!

We love it! I always wanted my children to know a second language and now it's happening. Not only is my son speaking and fully understanding Spanish after only 1 year but our entire family has been immersed into the culture. The teachers are really nice. The food is good and fresh, songs, dance, play, storytelling, everything is in Spanish and the kids love it. The approach to teaching is very calm and easy. Yearly plays, outings and many other activities that incorporate Spanish culture. You'll begin to feel the vibe as soon as you walk into the facility. Cynthia is the director- very nice, educated and strong woman. She's always available when I email her and if you see her around the campus. You can tell she has a clear vision for the school and makes sure everything is on track. Monthly family potlucks, meetings and newsletters keep families up to date with school news and involved with each class’s calendar. It's really a great place and I wish I knew about it sooner because my other two sons would have come here instead of family daycare centers.

Michelle G. (10/5/2017).

My kids are happy and well cared for at AMA. My daughter (almost 5) spoke no Spanish last summer when we started and can now carry on a conversation and sings songs in Spanish. We don't speak Spanish in the home so it was all AMA. The Casa Celeste teacher provided us with insights on our daughter's development frequently. I felt like she was our partner in providing the right guidance and opportunities. Our daughter is totally prepared for kindergarten.
Our son (now 2) loves his little amigos and has thrived with Teacher Laura in Casa Lila. He has gained so much social confidence under her care. For anyone with two kids like us, AMA is a great choice and gives a sibling discount.
In my experience with a few different places now, people who are really good at caring for kids are not necessarily the best at the administration of running a business. AMA is no exception there but neither was the last place we went to or the play school before that.  I'll trade some administrative hassles for AMA to take great care of my children.
I really enjoy the Facebook posts. It feels like I'm peaking into my children's day and that I'm part of a community. We didn't have that at other places either.

Jennifer B. (25/4/2017)

​I initially chose AMA because of its Spanish language immersion program and the good feeling that my mother got when she took an initial tour while my son and I were still living abroad in a Spanish-speaking country last spring before returning home to the US this past fall.  So, when I went to the first parent meeting right before he started in October 2016 and saw his name was on the wall alongside his classmates' names, I felt that they were preparing to welcome him in on "day one".  He loves attending AMA and can't wait to see his teachers and classmates in the mornings. He is maintaining his Spanish here in the US, learning to write and sound out his name, and generally feeling content and well-adjusted to his new preschool during our transition back home to the US under the nurturing care he's getting at AMA .  The director and his head teacher have been very supportive of my search for him to continue learning in a bi-lingual (Spanish-English) setting for Kindergarten next year by sharing the names of local elementary schools that I was able to look into last fall as I searched for schools for him to attend in the upcoming academic year, providing us with a teacher recommendation, and also giving all parents time to share their experience with the elementary school search during the monthly parent meetings at AMA.  My son and I apparently arrived just after a big shake up in the AMA community, where some teachers were let go and some parents felt the need to take their children to other daycare facilities.  So, I was naturally concerned upon learning of those developments in my first parent meeting at AMA.   And, the director was very open when I wanted to meet with her one-on-one later to better understand not only what had happened but more importantly what was being done to improve and recover from the upheaval.  I have experienced AMA as a diverse community of children, parents, and caregivers; and view AMA as an important organization in our community that is committed to providing affordable childcare with a focus on celebrating and respecting each child's rich cultural heritage and personal development.  And, I thank the director and all the staff for enriching our lives.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Kelly T. (18/4/2017)

School Aged Program (5/6 years old):

AMA welcomes interested participants to AMA's after-school (fully insured and CCL compliant) pilot program for TK/K students starting {1st grade entry aged-students} on August 21st.  This program will offer a PM snack, storytelling, writing/Art, outdoor park play (lots of free play:), and of course Spanish Immersion Ed.  Pick-up service will be offered to Montclair Elementary School.  Look forward in hearing from you!
-Competitive monthly tuition rates (P-T/F-T/Temp./Drop-In/Summer Camp)
-Monday-Friday, 1:30pm-6:00pm (pick up @ AMA) 
-OUSD calendar awareness (including minimum days)